France's Macron Sees Approval Rating Drop to Paltry 18%, Predicts 'Great Violence' This Weekend

Nick Kangadis | December 6, 2018

What?! You’re telling me that Socialism isn’t working in France? Ya don’t say?

A little more than a year after French president Emmanuel Macron was elected to office, his approval rating is the worst its ever been — a whopping 18 percent!

All of this comes amid Macron’s latest statement, cowardly said through a spokesman, where his office is predicting “great violence” this weekend despite Macron’s capitulation to the anger over a very unpopular proposed green tax on fuels.

"We have reason to fear a great violence this Saturday," the spokesman said.

The main protest movement combatting the Macron regime, publicly known as “yellow vests,” have been protesting the gas tax, among many other issues the public has with Macron.

According to The Sun:

Now disgruntled groups from Left and Right, including students and emergency workers, have joined their campaign.

This has ensured that Mr Macron’s approval rating – his lowest since he took office in 2017 - is now just 18 per cent, according to a new YouGov poll.

It was conducted the day before Saturday’s riots, with 1006 people making up a representative sample of the French population quizzed.

The 18 per cent figure represents a drop of three points and the third consecutive decline in three months.

Macron’s presidency is seemingly hanging by a thread as his country is in the midst of severe unrest. If your approval numbers have dropped to 18 percent, and they’ve been dropping for a while, wouldn’t you think to try something different than what you’ve been doing?

I guess logic and reason escape a Socialist's delicate sensibilities.