Freak of the Week: HS Teacher Holds 'Pride' Club During School Hours to Keep Parents in the Dark

Nick Kangadis | December 13, 2022
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This is what happens when you allow the government to be in charge of everything. Schools in particular eventually become run by nothing but perverts who try and accommodate every perversion they can think of introducing their students to, while calling those same students “their kids.” They intentionally keep secrets from parents, who ironically are the ones paying the salary of these teachers.

Take this next freak, for example.

This teacher goes through this whole rigamarole of explaining how she’s pissed another teacher is upset with her taking students from her classroom for 30 minutes, every Monday.

Why does the first teacher do this? So that she can run a club where students can be free to discuss their different genders and sexualities, and they do this during school hours. Why? To keep it a secret from some of the kids parents who might disapprove.

The teacher claims the other teacher wants to know who the students are that are leaving her classroom to be a part of this club simply for being gay or whatever other identity they have this week. The teacher claims the other teacher calls out the gay students just for being gay, which most likely isn’t true. For the sake of argument, let’s say it is true. Both teachers should then be removed from teaching impressionable young minds.

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The part that really irks me, however, is that these weirdos in charge of shaping your children’s minds always seem to like to refer to the students as “my kids.”

They’re not your kids. They were never your kids. You didn’t birth them. You didn’t adopt them. You don’t take care of them outside of school.

And the self-righteous attitude these freaks have toward being justified in wanting to talk about sexual topics with minors just shows what groomers they are…ban me. I don’t care.

If being who you “truly” are is something you’re born with, then why do certain “adults” feel the need to use everything within their means to steer YOUR children in the directions they want?


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