Freedom of Information Act Reveals 'Codes' Are Used to Track the Jabbed, Unjabbed

P. Gardner Goldsmith | April 9, 2023
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Thanks to an Epoch Times Freedom of Information Act motion, Americans now can see firsthand the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) internal documents showing what many liberty-backers have known since 2020: the federal government has been breaching the Fourth Amendment, obtaining medical data without getting public warrants, and tracking citizens for years.

Jachary Stieber reports:

“Medical codes introduced during the COVID-19 pandemic to show when people are unvaccinated or undervaccinated for COVID-19 are being used to track people, the top U.S. public health agency has confirmed.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) made the confirmation in emails that The Epoch Times obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request.

The CDC had said in documents and public statements that the goal of the new codes, in the International Classification of Diseases (ICD) system, was ‘to track people who are not immunized or only partially immunized.’”

Besides the underlying defiance of the U.S. Constitution presented by the very existence of the CDC, one also might notice that the bureaucrats used terms such as “immunized” – which is almost quaint in its inapplicability, since the mRNA jabs proved to NOT provide immunization against any strain of COVID-19 for which they were used – and that we see the errant general application of the word “vaccine” to apply to what is, instead, a ribonucleic acid manipulation serum.

Adds Stieber:

“The CDC now says it does not have access to the data, but that health care systems do.

‘The ICD codes were implemented in April 2022, however the CDC does not have any data on the codes and does not track this information,’ CDC officials said in the emails.

‘The codes were created to enable healthcare providers to track within their practices,’ the officials added.

The emails were sent to news outlets. The CDC has not answered queries from The Epoch Times about the codes, which the CDC added to the U.S. ICD system in 2022.”

But the history of the “codes” is complex, and shadowy.

“The CDC proposed the codes in 2021. ‘There has been interest expressed in being able to track people who are not immunized or who are only partially immunized,” Dr. David Berglund, a CDC medical officer, said during a meeting about the proposal.

One code is for being “unvaccinated for COVID-19.’ Another is for being partially vaccinated, or not having received a primary series of a COVID-19 vaccine.”

Curiously, in a February 23, 2023, CDC letter to a USA Today reporter, and featured by the Epoch Times in Stieber’s report, a CDC employee claims the ICD codes are created by the World Health Organization (WHO), and that they were “implemented” by the CDC, so there appears to be an added layer of unconstitutionality, and an additional use of taxpayer funds, used by the CDC, and also the extra funds handed to the globalist WHO.

But – as far as the general “coding and tracking” malfeasance goes, many people knew this was coming, because in December of 2020, I reported on the news that the CDC planned to do so, and that they claimed the power to do it because of the 1996 HIPAA statute, a.k.a. the Health Insurance Portability and Affordability Act.

As I noted than and have done numerous times since, HIPAA used federal sleight-of-hand to claim the statute “protected” your medical privacy, when, in fact, between pages 76 and 94 of the statute, it claims for the federal government – specifically, the head of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) – the power to assign an ID Code to anyone who visits a federally-tied medical center (that’s pretty much all medical centers, if they take Medicare or Medicaid) and then to collect that personal information any time the feds want it.

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The HIPAA data collection “power” remained unutilized until Obamacare went into effect. And while many leftists correctly opposed George W. Bush collecting people’s phone data without proper warrants, their nearly universal silence about medical data collection has been stunning.

Stieber notes that the CDC claims it currently does not have “access to the data,” but the CDC is not offering the full picture. It can obtain the data any time, to any degree. It has to be able to do this, or the assignment of “individual health codes” is useless. All codes must be tied to real people, and all real people can have their medical records accessed, according to HIPAA.

Reports Stieber:

“All health care entities covered by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act must use the U.S. version of the ICD. The U.S. version is updated at least once a year. Coded ICD data from providers enable public health officials to ‘conduct many disease-related activities,’ according to the CDC. Purposes include enabling a doctor seeing a new patient to easily retrieve the patient’s medical history.”

It's easy to assume that many Americans sign the ubiquitous “HIPPA release form” at their doctor’s office thinking that it gives permission to the office to share their info with health insurance and with other offices in case of emergency.

What most of that same American population have not realized or understood, despite warnings from me and other libertarian-minded people, is that, by signing that document, they grant permission to the feds to take their data without a warrant.

Whether one signs the document or one does not, the feds have no constitutionally granted power to collect the information.

Yet, even before the COVID-19 insanity and fearmongering over a virus with a survival rate of 99 percent for those 69 or under and 94.6 percent for those who are over 69, even before all the false promises about jabs, even before all the rights-infringing lockdowns and mandates, the US government unconstitutionally funded a “Department of Health and Human Services” and CDC, and unconstitutionally claimed the power to “assign” us medical IDs and collect our medical info without warrants.

These are far, far more alarming than the virus.

The fact that the Epoch Times also uncovered in August of last year – once more, having to use the Freedom of Information Act – that the CDC was LYING about mRNA jab safety stats? That’s just added perspective into the dark, irredeemable world of this immoral and unconstitutional bureaucracy.

It would be nice if we were free to disconnect from it.

It would be nice if the feds bothered to operate by the Constitution they claim to uphold.

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