French Men May Be Fined For Threatening The ‘Right to Security’ By Catcalling

ashley.rae | January 26, 2018
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Men in France may soon be fined up to 350 euros ($435 dollars) if they’re caught catcalling women.

According to The Local France, a new government report suggests men who engage in “behavior that is an infringement of the freedom of movement of women in public spaces and undermines self-esteem and the right to security” be hit with a fine.

Activity that reportedly constitutes undermining the self-esteem and “the right to security” include catcalling, blocking a woman’s path, simply making comments about how women look. Those actions reportedly constitute “sexual outrage.”

The Local France claims the fine could start at 90 euros ($112), but increase to 350 euros of the guilty party is late on the payment.

The report will be shown to France’s Secretary of State for Equality, Minister of Justice, and Minister of the Interior. If the three like the details of the report, it could be voted on by parliament as a bill.

French President Emmanuel Macron recently said France is “sick with sexism.” Macron also said he wanted to “give police the right to issue fines if there is a verbal attack on a woman.”


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