Friendly Selfie Briefly Unites North And South Korean Athletes

Thomas Murray | August 8, 2016

The Olympic Games have always been a time for the countries of the world to put aside their hostilities and compete under the olive branch. Although the build up to this year’s Olympic games has been especially fraught with scandal, some athletes have still been able to interact with their fellow athletes in the true spirits of the Olympic games.

In an almost unprecedented moment of camaraderie, South Korean rookie gymnast Lee Eun Ju and veteran North Korean gymnast Hong Un Jong, posed for a photograph together during a practice session on Saturday, in preparation for Sunday’s qualification round.


Relations between the two countries since the ceasefire that brought open hostilities of the Korean War to an end has always been strained, even at the best of times. Recently, tempers between the two Korean nations have been flaring, as North Korea continues to test ballistic missiles and South Korea has begun to deploy an American Missile defense system.

But those political worries seem far from the minds of the two competitors, as they share a friendly chat on the Olympic floor.

Hong Un Jong won the Gold in Beijing back in 2008 for the women’s vault, and Lee Eun Ju placed 57th place this year in the women’s uneven bars.