Furious Black Pastor DESTROYS Al Sharpton, Calls Him a 'Pimp' for His Greed

Ben Graham | June 9, 2015

Hartford, Conn. hosted a rally meant to protest the homicides of five kids in the community.

Al Sharpton was supposed to lead a march for peace with the community, but the Reverend made one mistake too many.

He didn’t realize that by asking for $100 dollars from each person attending, he would trigger the ire of a community pastor.

Pastor Marcus Mosiah Jarvis of Christ the Cornerstone Praise and Western Tabernacle was appalled by America’s most infamous race-baiter. Sharpton came to a struggling community and, instead of raising them up, he shook them down.

“How dare you ask the people of Hartford to give you their money?! You're nothing but a pimp!” said Jarvis.

After Sharpton spent ten whole minutes asking for donations from a branch of his organization the National Action Network, Jarvis spoke up and expressed his outrage:

“As a political leader, and the stature that Rev. Al Sharpton carries, he should not be coming to a community where he’s trying to bring attention to crime, lack of jobs and poverty and ask those very same people for money or refuse to speak.”

After the pastor’s disruption, Sharpton promised all of the money donated would go to building a memorial for the children who fell victim to violence in the community. He played to the locals' heartstrings, saying things like, “Kids got to be the beginning.” Sharpton also promised to donate an additional $1,000 for the memorial's construction.

Al Sharpton is more than capable of building the memorial from his own coffers by way of his so-called civil rights organization. Did he really need to take money from poor parishioners to do it?

See both the local newscast and Greta Van Susteren’s interview of Pastor Jarvis below.