Gallup Poll: Confidence In Military Plunges Under Biden

Sarah Prentice | August 2, 2023
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According to a recent Gallup poll, Americans’ confidence in the U.S. military has been steadily plummeting over the last two decades. 

The survey reported only 60% of people have 'a great deal' or 'quite a lot' of confidence in the U.S. military, the lowest approval rating since 1997. 

Generally, Republicans have always held the highest approval ratings for the U.S. military, but even their approval ratings have declined significantly, from 91% to 68% in the last three years. 

Independents’ confidence has dropped in a similar fashion, from 68% to 55% between 2020-2023. In contrast, Democrats' confidence in the military increased from 2020-2022 after Biden assumed office, but then dramatically dropped in 2023 by 6 points. 

However, among respondents as a whole, confidence has significantly decreased since Biden has taken office. From 2021 to 2023, the rating significantly dropped from 69% to 60%. 

This nearly ten point drop can be easily linked to the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan that happened in August of 2021, leaving thirteen Marines dead and many American citizens stranded in a foreign country.

On top of such a poorly executed withdrawal, the U.S. military has been facing major recruitment crises like it has not seen before. MRCTV has reported on the Army recruitment crisis and its potential connections to the increase of woke rhetoric in the military.

Gallup conducted their poll by interviewing a random sample of 1,013 American adults from June 1-22, 2023.