GENDER PAY GAP! Turns Out Women In Biden's White House Make Way Less Than Men

Brittany M. Hughes | August 10, 2023
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Remember how President Joe Biden and his ilk have blathered on and on about the so-called “gender pay gap” that supposedly forces oppressed, subservient American women into making mere pennies for every whopping paycheck their male coworkers get?

Turns out that on top of not actually being true, it also doesn’t seem to be a major concern for the Biden White House beyond being a convenient political talking point - because according to this, the women-supporting Biden Administration pays female staffers on average about $0.80 for every dollar a male employee makes.

Which, if you’re keeping track, is even less than the 83 cents leftists complain women make compared to every dollar earned by a man.

Per the White House payroll data analyzed by Mark Perry, an economist and senior fellow emeritus at the American Enterprise Institute, the median salary for women in 2023 was just $84,000, while the median salary for men was $105,000. Which, regardless of any legitimate reason for the discrepancy, we’ve been told is a major no-no, and is super sexist.

According to Perry, the driving factor for why women working at the White House are by and large making less than men is because more women are more likely to be employed in lower-paid, entry-level positions. When it comes to pay, data shows the bottom two-thirds of all White House jobs are dominated by women, at about 66%. On the other hand, 64% of the top third highest-paying jobs are held by men, likely explaining the 20% disparity in pay.

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Perry told the Daily Caller News Foundation that while both male and female White House employees in similar positions can expect to be paid the same for equal work, the difference in salary is due to a “multitude of other factors that contribute to earnings differentials between any two groups, including hours worked, continuous years of experience, the type of job, the relative danger or safety of different jobs, education, motherhood, marriage, family considerations, commute time, more men in senior positions at the WH vs. more women in entry-level positions, etc.”

Despite all that making perfect sense in a land governed by basic common sense and logic, the left has insisted over many years that any “pay gap” between the average salaries of men and women can only be explained by toxic musicality, patriarchal bias, and good ol’ sexism - and it’s up to the government to implement new laws to fix this fictitious problem.

Maybe they should start with their own payroll.

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