George Lopez: Anyone Who Doesn't Support Drag Queens Is An 'Enemy Of Mine'

John Simmons | January 24, 2023
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It is no secret that the presence of drag queens and our country’s obsession with exposing young children to them  is one of -- if not the -- most despicable symptoms of our cultural rot.

Nevertheless, there are still celebrities that voice their unashamed support of sexual perverts, and who will even make it a relational deal breaker if you disagree with them on this issue.

Last week, comedian George Lopez went on “The View” and voiced his support of drag queens, saying that if “If you’re an enemy of drag, you’re an enemy of mine.”

The full segment of last Thursday’s episode with Lopez is below.


Okay then.

Drag queens are the foot soldiers of the sexual perversion we see in today’s culture war, and no one should support the agenda they are trying to advance. If that bothers people like Lopez, that’s fine, simply don’t associate with them.

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