George Lopez Can't Take a Joke, Gets Charged With Battery For ''Roughing Up' a Pro-Trump 'Fan'

Ferlon Webster Jr. | November 9, 2018
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Some people just can’t take a joke - even, apparently, if they're a joker themselves. Isn’t that what we call ironic? 

Comedian George Lopez now has a misdemeanor battery charge “for allegedly roughing up a guy who tried filming him at a Hooters in October,” according to TMZ.

In a video recorded on Oct. 14, you can see a man with his phone in "selfie-mode" getting ready for Lopez to pass him on the way out of the restaurant, and as the comedian is approaching, “the fun” begins.

“Here comes my boy George. Jorge Lopez!” the man said.

Obviously ‘triggered’ Lopez responded, “You doing some more bulls***?” while grabbing after the alleged Trump supporter’s phone.

Prior to this incident, the man reportedly asked to take a picture with Lopez and also had poked fun at the comedian with a "Trump joke."

Lopez, who is not the biggest fan of the president, appeared to grab the man’s neck -- but it didn’t stop the man from continuing to record the video.

“He’s a bada**, look at him," the guy says in the footage. "He wants to fight me. Ohh, George wants to fight me. George wants to fight me!”

The comedian questioned what the man was doing and then the video ends.

The following day police caught up with Lopez, who was out golfing, to hear his side of the story. Lopez reportedly explained to the cops he didn’t want to be filmed and, according to TMZ, “George also told cops he believes the guy was trying to bait him by lying in wait at the front door and by throwing out "MAGA" jokes, knowing George is vehemently anti-Trump.”

The 57-year-old comedian is expected to appear in court next month.

Look, I get it. Sometimes celebs just don’t want to be bothered with "fans." But, I can’t help but say this seems to be a form of...what do they call it? “Trump Derangement Syndrome?” Yeah, that’s it. Lopez seems to have exhibited some form of TDS.  

Take a look at the altercation between Lopez and the ‘fan’ below:

H/T: Daily Mail

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