Georgetown President Parties Maskless With Pelosi, Gets COVID, Then Reinstates Mask Mandate On Students

P. Gardner Goldsmith | April 12, 2022
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Sometimes, it’s easy to surmise cause and effect.

Like when the government subsidizes medical centers to list as deaths “FROM COVID19” the deaths of people who merely tested positive for COVID19 (on PCR tests that are easily manipulated to come up with false positives), and the subsequent “rise in official COVID deaths.”

Or, like Donald Trump’s March 13, 2020 unconstitutional “declaration of emergency” that set into motion massive payoffs to state and local political subunits, state and local declarations of “emergency,” lockdowns, and myriad other anti-constitutional, anti-rights actions by politicians and bureaucrats.

And now, we see this.

As Dalton Nunamaker reports for The College Fix, last Wednesday, Georgetown University’s brilliantine administrators decided to bless students on campus with a reinstatement of the school’s lovely and logically dubious “mask mandate.” This, just three weeks after the same administrators DROPPED the mandate.

The virus is very scared, I'm sure.

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And, as The College Fix notes, already, one student has been suspended for not wearing a face-diaper “while eating.”

A new diet trend that leftists can embrace.

And, adds Nunamaker:

Many on campus suspect the policy return is somewhat of a projection as Georgetown President John DeGioia recently contracted COVID after partying maskless with Nancy Pelosi. Pelosi also currently has COVID.

They got those mRNA injections, didn't they?

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