Georgetown Pro-Abortion Group Refuses to Work with Pro-Life Group for Disrespecting ‘Lives and Humanity’

Monica Sanchez | September 22, 2017


Image via Twitter / H*yas for Choice

A pro-choice group at Georgetown University recently rejected an invitation by a pro-life group to co-sponsor an event on an issue they both agree on, saying that the mission and values of Georgetown Right to Life “disrespect the lives and humanity of our members” and “provoke pain and stigma for various communities on campus."

In a statement obtained by Campus Reform, H*yas for Choice wrote that while the two groups agree on certain issues such as the death penalty, the pro-choice group cannot bring itself to work with Right to Life “at the risk of decentering the ways in which a lack of agency and sovereignty over one’s body contributes to experiences of oppression and suffering.”

H*yas for Choice equated the pro-life movement with classism and white supremacy, “systems that deny vulnerable communities their right to comprehensive reproductive healthcare, including safe, legal, and affordable abortion.”

In response to Right to Life’s efforts to create a “more respectful relationship” between the two groups, H*yas for Choice asked that the pro-life group “consider the ways in which Right to Life’s mission and values disrespect the lives and humanity of our members, members of the Georgetown community, and all those whose right to agency is continually and systematically challenged and disregarded.”

“For these reasons, we decline your request to collaborate and ask that you reflect on the ways in which your organization's annual campaigns and actions provoke pain and stigma for various communities on campus,” the pro-choice group wrote.

Right to Life is being accused of marginalizing “historically antagonized populations” for advocating life over abortion, meanwhile America’s largest abortion provider targets those same populations.

Nonsense? We agree.

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