Get 'em, Granny! Elderly Woman Stops Shoplifter at Canadian Wal-Mart

Nick Kangadis | February 1, 2022
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A video recently posted to social media is going viral - for all the right reasons!

Darrell Johansen, as Newsweek identified him, was filming a man at a Canadian Wal-Mart attempting to walk out with a cart full of goods when an unlikely hero stopped the shoplifter in his tracks.

An elderly woman prevented the criminal from leaving the store before really thwarting his efforts by grabbing the cart and outmuscling the thief. The criminal did end up just pulling a backpack out of the cart with a bicycle that he was allegedly stealing as well.

Not gonna lie, I love this woman. Wal-Mart should immediately hire her as a greeter, doubling as security. Not only did she prevent the majority of the criminal's thievery, but she pulled off the coward's mask to boot.

God bless you, ma'am!