Glenn Beck Reads Story Eerily Similar to Trump's Indictment, Exactly What Putin Did to Navalny

Nick Kangadis | April 7, 2023
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Democrats are the royalty of projection. They know how to expertly convince people that their opposition is somehow guilty of things they’ve “allegedly” already done.

So, it should come as no surprise that one major conservative personality made the somewhat obvious connection between what the communist activists — otherwise known as Democratic justice system — are doing to former President Donald Trump and what tyrant Russian President Vladimir Putin had already done to his detractors.

Radio host Glenn Beck spoke on Blaze TV this week and told of a story in which most people would think he was talking about Trump's history and subsequent indictment. But, he wasn’t.

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“What I just read to you, that’s not about Donald Trump,” Beck said. “It’s not. It’s not a campaign ad, although it might make an effective campaign ad for him. It is exactly what the Russians recently did to Alexei Navalny — that’s Putin’s political opponent.

I don’t know,” Beck continued. “Maybe the American Democrats who say they hate Putin should maybe start looking at what they’re doing, cause they’re staring into the abyss too long, because they’re now mimicking the exact actions of the person they supposedly despise the most.”

You have to give them credit for one thing: Communists — aka Democrats — are damn good at playing the shell game with the average American to the point that people question themselves even when common sense is trying to tell them better.

Democrats — masters of deception, royalty of division, leaders of hate.


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