Global Uprising: Worldwide Marches Against Lockdowns, Vax-Passes

P. Gardner Goldsmith | July 26, 2021
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Employing social media hash-tags such as #FreedomMarch, #NoMandatoryJabs #NoLockdowns #NoVaxPassports and, simply, #Freedom, millions worldwide Saturday disobeyed politicians, and took to the streets to rally for liberty against a growing threat of forced business closures, crowd restrictions, church closures, mask mandates, and so-called “vaccine passports.”

Worldwide, government reactions to the peaceful marchers and speakers were varied, and might reflect larger political and institutional resistance to the voices of common sense and human rights.

In London, small conflicts between marchers and cops near Number 10 Downing Street were captured by the Ruptly live-stream.

In Italy, marchers met in Rome and Naples, calling for politicians to recognize basic human rights -- and numerous uniformed police actually removed their helmets to join one crowd

Dublin, Ireland, and Belfast, Northern Ireland, saw tens of thousands rally, mostly without police interference. 

In Paris, hundreds of thousands rallied, and many met harsh police treatment.

In Sydney, Australia, a location locked-down for the past four weeks, the story was similar, while in both Brisbane -- where protesters chanted “Wake Up, Australia! Mass Hysteria!” -- and, further south and west, in Melbourne, constables were not as harsh



Sydney is so oppressive, it now sees police attempting to “track” and arrest protesters, using their digital footprints, social media footage, and images from CCTV. 

The fight is Quixotic. It's politically-driven. 

These politicians have no right to force injections on anyone, or silence speech, or shut down business, and the people who took to the streets around the world Saturday were trying to tell them precisely that.

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