Globalist Economy Manipulating Governments Facing Farmer and Trucker Protests Around the World

Nick Kangadis | July 29, 2022
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Globalist entities, like the World Economic Forum (WEF) and pretty much most governments of "progressive" countries, are doing everything they can to tear down society as we knew it and “build, back, better” in their own theistic image, using climate “change” as their religion.

The only thing said entities probably didn’t anticipate was that farmers and truckers — you know, people that actually produce and deliver for others — would give them as much pushback on their climate control policies as they have been.

Since the establishment media won’t tell you about these uprisings against authoritarian governments  and their manipulation of the world food supply, as well as economies, all under the guise of “helping the planet survive,” here’s a list of some of the countries where the people look like they’ve had enough of the global push for communism.

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(Note: The protests are not just happening in one part of each country, but multiple. Protest videos are over the span of the last few weeks. Kudos to the @RadioGenova Twitter account for compiling all of the videos shown.)






















Sri Lanka




Maybe one day, non-woke American people won’t be so hesitant to rise up against their own authoritarian government and peacefully protest the injustice being carried out upon them by a manipulative government.

Don’t let the January 6th committee put you in a place of fear. Peacefully protest en masse will freak the establishment out to the point they’ll most likely be the first one to make hasty decisions and assault American citizens for standing up for themselves.

Enough is enough.


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