Like a Good Groomer: FLA State Farm Donating Trans Books to Kindergartners

Matt Philbin | May 23, 2022
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All kinds of companies engage in all kinds of charity/philanthropy. State Farm just happens to have chosen a creepy one. It partnered with a trans agenda group called The GenderCool Project, and is encouraging its agents to donate inappropriate books to schools, libraries, and other places where kids can get them.

A nonprofit named ConsumerFirst obtained a leaked January email from a State Farm “Corporate Responsibility Analyst” (who helpfully includes his pronouns in his email signature) looking for six Florida agents to volunteer to receive and then pass on three books to places where kids will be exposed to them. The dirty book laundering was supposed to happen between March and April. The books are “A Kids Book About Being Transgender,” “A Kids Book About Being Non-Binary” and “A Kids Book About Being Inclusive.”

He/him/his thought this was a terrific way to “help bring clarity and understanding to the national conversation about Being Transgender, Inclusive and Nonbinary.” And really, what better way to elucidate complex and confusing adult issues than letting kindergartners have a crack at them? 

“The project's goal is to increase representation of LGBTQ+ books and support our communities in having challenging, important and empowering conversations with children age 5+,” Mr. Pronoun explained.

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While he/him/his only analyzes corporate responsibility for Florida (and “National Hispanic Relationships”), State Farm has ambitions befitting a corporate behemoth. "Nationwide, approximately 550 State Farm agents and employees will have the opportunity to donate this three book bundle to their local teacher, community center, or library of their choice.” the email said. 

And what an opportunity! How often does someone selling collision coverage get to peddle smut to the Spongebob set? That’s how we “make the world around us better.” He/him/his said so.