Good Guy With a Gun Stops an Armed Robbery In Texas

Ferlon Webster Jr. | January 2, 2019
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When you try to rob a man’s wife and don’t realize that he is carrying a loaded gun, you’re gonna have a bad time.

This past Saturday in Katy, Texas, two armed robbery suspects met their match after they followed a man and his wife leaving a Chase bank in Harris County.

The couple had just got done with some holiday grocery shopping when a black Cadillac SUV pulled up into a nearby parking space as they were loading groceries into their vehicle.

One of the suspects pulled out his gun and demanded the woman’s purse, not realizing the woman’s husband had pulled out his weapon as well. Gunshots were then exchanged, with the husband firing four rounds and hitting both of the wannabe robbers. 

As KTRK reports:

“The suspects got into the getaway car and pulled onto Fry Road, where the vehicle crashed out, leaving two men to run off on foot.

The driver, who was hit in the shoulder ran to a nearby fire station for help, and collapsed.

He was transported to the hospital and treated.”

At the moment, the second suspect does remain at large, but the couple was unharmed and are doing well. 

Here’s to another reason that being able to carry a concealed weapon is so beneficial.