Graham: ‘I’ve Never Been More Pissed,’ ‘The Other Side Wants To Cancel The Election’

Eric Scheiner | October 8, 2018
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The recently upgraded Sen. Lindsey Graham 2.0 is fiery, combative, and making the media rounds.

After Chris Wallace played a recap of recent Graham slams on Democrats on Fox News Sunday, Graham noted that he’s never been “more pissed” in his life than he is over the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation process. 

“I am happy that those who tried to destroy his life fell short, I'm glad that those who try to overturn the rule of law and replace it with mob rule lost. I've never been more pissed in my life, I voted for Sotomayor and Kagan, I never would have done this to them, this is character assassination - this is wanting power too much. To the extent that I came to the aid of this good man and help defeat this debacle, I am happy as a clam,” Graham said.

Graham also said, as a result of the way the Kavanaugh confirmation was handled by Democrats, he’s inspired go out campaigning against them across the country.

“I hope everybody running for the House in these purple districts will be asked the question: ‘Do you support impeaching Judge Kavanaugh based on five allegations, none of which could be corroborated? Do you want an outcome so badly that you would basically turn the law upside down?’ All I can say is this is going to the streets at the ballot box. I've never campaigned against a colleague in my life. That's about to change. I'm going to go throughout this country to let people in these purple states, red states where Trump won - know what I thought, know what I think about this process.”

Graham brought President Trump’s list of potential judicial nominees, and challenged Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.). “This is a list that was compiledin November, but he actually put it out during the campaign,” Graham said.

“There twenty-something people on this list, I’m asking Chuck Schumer -name five. Name three? Name one that would be okay with you? Brett Kavanaugh was a mainstream judge. I would've chosen if I had been president, Bush supported him. Everybody running for president on our side believes that Brett Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch were outstanding conservative jurists. The other side wants to cancel the election. So Chuck?  You want somebody new? Look at this list and see if there’s anybody you agree to? But what you want to do Senator Schumer is to overturn the election and you pick the judges. We are not going to let you pick the judges. If you want to pick judges, then you need to win the White House.”