Green New Deal Propaganda Video: 'We Demand a New Green Deal...Right Now!'

Nick Kangadis | May 14, 2019
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Not every video or advertisement you see that espouses a point of view you disagree with can be called propaganda. But, this next video is pretty darn close.

A video presented at a Howard University Green New Deal rally in Washington D.C. on Monday pushed for the radicalization of American society under the guise of helping the planet fight climate change.

Take a look:


There’s so much to criticize in this video, but I’ll keep it to just a few.

“We have a right to good jobs and a livable future,” some of the t-shirts worn by Sunrise Movement activists in the video read.

No. No, you don’t. You know how you get a good job? Be good at something, and be better than the guy or girl next to you, while also sustaining your employment value the entire time.

We also heard the co-founder of the Sunrise Movement, Varshini Prakash, tout the world-ending “12 years” philosophy that Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) championed during a January interview.

“We have twelve years to radically transform our economy, and our society, to stop this crisis [climate change] and protect human civilization as we know it,” Prakash said in the video.

But, wait. I thought Ocasio-Cortez just said that her “12 years” assertion was “sarcasm?” We all know it wasn’t sarcasm, but it goes to show that activists change their tune based on what people buy into, not based on actual results.

That kind of rhetoric sounds eerily similar to someone else:


It's sad that the left seemingly never thinks America is good enough as a nation that they constantly feel like they have to save it by making it something it was never intended to be. 

Another activist in the video made a “demand” of lawmakers on behalf of the Green New Deal, which seems to be less about climate change and more about implementing socialism.

“This isn’t about Republican. This isn’t about Democrat. This is about humanity,” the activist shouted. “That is why we demand a New Green Deal and we demand it right now!”

You can demand whatever you want all day. That’s your First Amendment right, as long as you’re not calling for harm to come to anyone. But when you shout demands at people they’re less likely to acquiesce to your demands. Think of it like a petulant child. If you kowtow to everything an abrasive child wants, you might as well give that child the tools to walk all over you.

Then we see other activists, almost working like factory workers, creating propaganda for the Sunrise Movement and the Green New Deal.

According to the Sunrise Movement’s website, “Sunrise is a movement to stop climate change and create millions of good jobs in the process.”

The Sunrise Movement are the same activists that took over House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s Capitol Hill office back in November 2018, alongside they’re comrade, Ocasio-Cortez, calling for “congressional action on climate change.”

Effective propaganda is well-produced, well-funded and, most times, you’d never even know you’re watching propaganda when you see it.