Groomer's Paradise: 'All Ages' Christmas Drag Show Includes Simulated Sex Acts, Exaggerated Private Parts

Nick Kangadis | December 19, 2022
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Recently, an “All Ages” drag queen Christmas show was held in Austin, Texas — and they definitely “kept it weird.” Video has now emerged from the show displaying that it’s anything but “family friendly.”

The show was part of an 18 state, 36 show tour called, “A Drag Queen Christmas.” According to the show’s prompt, it’s supposed to be of the “all ages” variety.

Independent journalist Tayler Hansen showed different scenes from the show in a video he posted to Twitter on Sunday. The “show” features multiple simulated sex acts, exaggerated breasts and genitalia by drag queens dressed in highly sexualized Christmas outfits.

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(WARNING: Suggestive Sexual Material)

If it was a restricted show, it’s still gross, but fine. But being for “all ages” this was just another example of that community honing their craft — sexually grooming children.

The crowd was going wild as if late leftist writer Gore Vidal had achieved his vision of a more perverted society.

This is grooming. It doesn’t matter how much the social media powers that be want it censored in order to excuse their friends freaky, perverted behavior, it’s still grooming.


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