‘Handmaid’s Tale ‘Author Slams Trans Activists, The Mob Comes to Cancel Her

Gabriel Hays | October 20, 2021
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Live by the woke, die by the woke.

When you spend years writing novels about a fictional right wing authoritarian nightmare in America that oppresses women, and then license those novels for a high profile TV series, and follow that up by making the media rounds to panic about how pro-life and pro-traditional family Americans are actually making the fictional dystopia a reality, DON’T complain when your fans take your words seriously and start dismantling that society and you along with it.

Recently Margaret Atwood, the author of The Handmaid’s Tale, a dystopian tale about a society in which a religious patriarchy enslaves women often viewed as an analogy for conservative America, has come out and said the left is going too far. 

And now that she’s backtracking, the mob has started coming for her. 

Yup, the woman who enthusiastically encouraged the widespread interpretation of Handmaid’s Tale as the fruition of Trump’s America is now saying that the left is oppressing women because, in its efforts to promote transgenderism, it has simply discarded the whole concept of “woman” altogether.

Surely Atwood anticipated what kind of reaction she would get for this. And yes we are 100% against book-burning, but if we do have to witness yet another one, I’m not going to be too weepy-eyed while watching the Handmaid’s Tale disintegrate in a hot blaze.

In a tweet from October 19, the dystopian author shared an article from Toronto Star writer Rosie DiManno, who argued that the left and the LGBTQ community have gone way too far with their inclusive language push and now “woman” or “women” find less space in this world.

DiManno wrote, “‘Woman’ is in danger of becoming a dirty word … struck from the lexicon of officialdom, eradicated from medical vocabulary and expunged from conversation.” 

Yes, recall how it’s now more politically correct to use the term “birthing person” now, because MEN CAN GET PREGNANT TOO! Trans men, of course.

In DiManno’s piece, she mentioned this trans men being women nonsense as well. She referenced a recent exhibit put on by the top British medical journal “The Lancet,” called “Bodies with Vaginas,” because you can’t just call people who have vaginas “women” anymore.

DiManno’s piece also defended Harry Potter author JK Rowling for her anti-trans stance. Rowling also made the point that trans activists are deleting “women” from the record.

Long story short, Atwood, tweeted her support of DiManno’s critique of transgender activism. She captioned her post with the simple question, “Why can’t we say ‘woman’ anymore?”

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Of course the lefties on Twitter flared up at Atwood the same way they did at Rowling over the Twitter update. Thousands of indignant users commented, many like this woman, who tweeted, “I’m a trans man. I menstruate. I have given birth. My son’s autistic & can’t cope with the idea of my transitioning. It’s unlikely I’ll ever transition but I’m still a trans man & I always will be.” 

Yeah, sure you are, ma’am.

And then you had really “smart” people lecturing Atwood, like “cosmologist” and “TEDFellow” Katie Mack, who tweeted, “No one is banning the word ‘woman.’ Many organizations are — rightly — opting for precise language when talking about things that have to do with biological traits rather than gender identity.” 

Wow all those years of study just culminating in this stupid tweet. Amazing.

Even a writer for Stephen Colbert’s crappy show got in on the action with an overwrought comment. “Is your legacy being ruined by your dumb opinions? Hire my brand new social media company Alexco and for the low price of like $8 I will take over your Twitter account and never say anything bad,” he joked. 

Actually, dealing with these soyboys and man ladies is enough punishment for Atwood. We’ll go easier on her … well so long as she admits her books were dumb and helped pave the way for this leftist hell.