Harris Teeter, Kroger Remove Pro-America Can Koozies After Lefties Complain

Wallace White | June 21, 2022
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In the ongoing contest to see who can grovel to the most meaningless gripes from liberals, Kroger and Harris Teeter took the lead when they removed pro-American merchandise from their shelves at the dictate of a nobody on Twitter, as reported by The Daily Caller June 21 in an editorial. 

Christy Clark, a lefty candidate for the North Carolina House in 2022 with 4k followers, condemned Harris Teeter and Kroger on Twitter for selling pro-America can koozies, one featuring American icon Patrick Henry’s famous quote, “Give me liberty or give me death,” and another reading, “Arms change, rights don’t” with depictions of an eagle and Thomas Jefferson.

Clark asked Kroger and Harris Teeter to “please remove them” because “110 Americans die every day from gun violence and most recently children, educators, health care providers, and family members were killed in mass shootings.” 

Using deaths of Americans to engage in a self-righteous power trip. Seems like typical liberal behavior. 

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Both Harris Teeter and its parent company, Kroger, responded to Clark on Twitter saying they will remove the items from their stores, bending the knee to the liberal guilt bludgeon despite the fact that Clark's tweet received fewer than 500 "likes" with hundreds more calling her out for being triggered by freedom.

It seems the priorities of Kroger and Harris Teeter do not seem to be with their customers, but with catering to the whims of whining liberals on Twitter.