‘He Has The Receipts’ – FBI Whistleblower Claims Deep Biden Coverup

Eric Scheiner | April 20, 2023
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Lawyer Mark Lytle has penned a letter to members of congress from both major parties calling for whistleblower privileges regarding his client, an IRS agent.

Lyle claims his client has information showing the IRS is treating it's case on Hunter Biden quite differently than other IRS cases.

Fox News reports:

The letter read that the agent previously made legally protected disclosures at the IRS and stated that these disclosures "contradict sworn testimony to Congress by a senior political appointee."

"My goal is to ensure that my client can properly share his lawfully protected disclosures with congressional committees," Lytle wrote. "Thus, I respectfully request that your committees work with me to facilitate sharing this information with congress legally and with the fully informed advice of counsel."

“He wants to look Democrats and Republicans and Independents in the eye. So he sent this letter to the Democratic side. He sent it to the Republican side. He's not afraid to confront the Adam Schiffs and the Eric Swalwells and all the jokesters who gave us all the bogus stories in the last four years,” Journalist John Solomon of ‘Just The News’ told Fox News.

“The reason he's so confident  - he has the receipts, he has contemporaneous documents. It's not going to be in doubt what he provides to Congress.”

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Lytle has told CBS News his client believes the probe into Hunter Biden has been handled differently from any other investigation during his career with the IRS. 

"Political considerations were having an impact on the decision for agents to make investigative steps in the case. And those political considerations are not normally a part of a career investigator's toolkit," Lytle explained, but declined to share details of the investigation or identify its subject.

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