Heart Attack Hospitalizations Up By THOUSANDS In the UK Post-COVID

Brittany M. Hughes | August 15, 2023
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Heart attack hospitalizations across the U.K. have skyrocketed in the three-plus years since the beginning of the COVID19 pandemic - and the reason why is stirring all kinds of speculation.

Not, you know, that we’re allowed to ask.

According to the Telegraph, the number of people hospitalized for heart attacks in the U.K. skyrocketed by thousands, straining hospital resources and sparking alarm in the people running the nation’s healthcare system. And the problem isn’t new - in fact, it appears to have started the year after the onset of the pandemic. Per the Telegraph, "The new figures for England show that more than 84,000 patients were admitted to hospital because of a heart attack in 2021/22 – a rise of more than 7,000 in a year.”

Many have questioned whether the rise in heart-related hospitalizations and even deaths could be due to the hasty rollout of the emergency COVID “vaccine,” a two (or more) dose mRNA jab that came with an increased risk of heart-related problems like myocarditis - a risk pharmaceutical companies reportedly knew about before the shot’s rollout, but kept quiet. Only after green-lighting the vax - and following multiple attempts by the feds and state and local governments to force people to get it or lose their livelihoods - did the CDC finally admit that “evidence from multiple monitoring systems in the United States and around the globe support a causal association between mRNA COVID-19 vaccines (i.e., Moderna or Pfizer-BioNTech) and myocarditis and pericarditis.”

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According to “data from post-authorization monitoring,” of course.

Even still, health “experts” in the U.K. claim the rise in heart attack-related hospitalizations is because people at risk for major heart problems weren’t - and perhaps still aren’t - getting the preventive care they needed to decrease their risk of having a cardiac event, citing “a fall in the numbers prescribed vital medication amid struggles to access GP care," per the Telegraph.

“Health officials are afraid that people are still failing to come forward, adding to the collateral damage caused by the pandemic,” the report adds.


But even if that’s the rotten meat we’re supposed to buy, it doesn’t make reality any sunnier. Because either way you slice it, it’s now clear that government officials, health “experts,” and the Powers That Be are at the center of a shocking increase in people keeling over from coronaries. Whether it's because they were unable to access preventive medicine to keep them healthy, or because they were forced in line for a jab without first being told about the increased risk of heart problems, it seems little to no good ever came from COVID lockdowns and onerous government diktats that were supposed to save our lives and keep us healthy.

A whole lot of bad has, though. If only someone could have seen it coming.