Heil Trump - Delusional Leftists Calling Trump Hitler Again

Jason Cohen | September 19, 2022
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At a Trump campaign rally for J.D. Vance in Youngstown, Ohio this past Saturday, the crowd raised their right arms in a Nazi salute and repeatedly chanted “Heil Trump!”

Just kidding. That did not happen. 

But based on the lunatic liberal Twitter meltdown, you would think it really did. 

As of 10:38 a.m. on Monday, #HeilTrump is trending at #15 on Twitter.

A top tweet by TV producer Jonathan Goldman – it has more than 20,000 likes –  says “Heil Trump is not hyperbole. Vote like your life depends on it, because it does.” Another top tweet (with more than 30,000 likes) by a prominent leftist account called BrooklynDad_Defiant says, “If you find yourself standing in the middle of a rally, raising your arm in unison to a ranting fascist, you are in a cult and you might as well be chanting "heil trump."

These are just two examples.

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What really happened was the crowd raised their right arm and right index finger straight up in the air. For normal people, this signifies pointing up to God or even “#1,” but to deranged leftists, it is the updated version of the Nazi salute. 

As for the crowd chanting “Heil Trump,” there was no such chant. In fact, there was no chanting at all. There was, however, a strange and dramatic background music. While this was weird, it seems a bit presumptuous to declare that Trump is now officially Hitler.

At most, this could be a QAnon thing. People are saying the music resembles a QAnon song called WWG1WGA, which is an acronym for Where We Go 1 We Go All, the most prominent QAnon saying. Perhaps the crowd was putting ones in the air rather than pointing up to God. 

Lastly, some people think it may signify “America First.” Maybe it is all three. Either way, Trump is not Hitler, and leftists need to stop crying wolf. If/when a real Hitler rises, no one will believe it. 

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