Here's a New Hell: Drag Shows...For Babies

Brittany M. Hughes | March 3, 2023
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You’ve heard of drag shows for adults. And "drag queen story hours" for kids. But what about drag shows for…babies?

If you’re thinking, “That’s madness!” You would be correct. But if you’re thinking, “No way,” think again.

Welcome to a fresh new level of hell.

Turns out it’s a real thing - and we’ve got the receipts. Thanks to LibsofTIkTik over on Twitter, we have a front row carseat to what might be the most disturbing thing you’ll ever see: grown men, half-naked and dressed in women’s clothing, spreading their legs for an audience of infants. And, presumably, their garbage mothers.

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From men clad only in thongs sashaying before the crowd of crawlers to another man in platform heels gyrating on leather straps suspended from the ceiling, the shows all feature grown adult males in attire fit only for female strippers dancing, twerking, and revealing themselves in front of children who look only months old.

While it’s an obvious question to ask, “Who in their right mind would take a baby to a drag show?”, perhaps an even more pertinent question would be, “Why do drag queens need to get naked and writhe on the ground in front of babies?”

Neither of which has any acceptable answer other than, “Because they’re sick, child abusing freaks who should be arrested.”

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