Hey Madonna! A Democrat Who Supports Mugabe

kpicket | August 25, 2008
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By Kerry Picket It is amusing when liberals dust off the old "Nazi" and "facist" insults to chuck at conservatives. The verbal assaults intensify around war time and party conventions, so it is not surprising to start hearing from the entertainment industry already. Pop star Madonna put in her two cents about this year's presidential election. A video sequence during her performances shows pictures comparing Senator McCain, Robert Mugabe, and Adolf Hitler. The McCain Campaign team shot off an angry response to the insane comparison. If Madonna is such a big supporter of this year's presumptive Democratic presidential candidate, Senator Barack Obama, she might want to have a chat with Obama supporter New York City Councilman Charles Barron. Barron is a strong supporter of Zimbabwean dictator Robert Mugabe and is not afraid to tell the whole world in this video. In fact, he invited Mugabe to New York's City Hall in 2002 and gave the out-of-towner the red carpet treatment. Ordinarily, Madonna and her ilk would simply try and tie McCain to Barron, but this is one connection that will never be made.
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