High Charge! Owner Finds Battery Replacement More $ Than Electric Car

Eric Scheiner | August 29, 2022
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A St. Petersburg, Florida family has been informed it will cost $14,000 to replace the battery on a used electric car they purchased for $11,000.

17 year-old Avery Siwinski was the driver of the Ford Focus Electric. The car is a 2014 model, with 60,000 miles. 

"It was fine at first," Siwinski told 10 Tampa Bay. "I loved it so much. It was small and quiet and cute. And all of a sudden it stopped working."

Siwinski reportedly had her car for six months before her dashboard started to light up with warnings. 

"In March, it started giving an alert," she said. "And then we took it to the shop and it stopped running."

The car has sat at a dealership for months. The Siwinski’s received a quote for a new battery for $14,000. That’s $3K more than they bought the car for. The quote didn’t include labor charges.

As is the case with many car parts during the Biden administration, the family has discovered the batteries aren’t even available if they wanted to purchase one.

A dealership has offered to buy the car from the family for $500.

A car is considered totaled when the cost of repairs exceed the car’s value. This is a clear example of a totaled car. 

The Siwinskis are not alone in their shock over replacement batteries for electric cars. Over the weekend one Twitter user posted a bill claiming over $26,000 from a dealership for a replacement battery for a Chevy Volt with just over 70,000 miles.

Cover photo: Mike's Photography

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