HILARIOUS: Actors Unknowingly Read Myth-Busting Facts About Feminism During Fake Casting Call

Nick Kangadis | May 8, 2018
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If there’s one thing modern feminists can’t stand, it’s the truth. I mean, can you blame them? They have lies to spread and men to hate.

Conservative YouTuber Austen Fletcher has a brand new video posted to his Fleccas Talks channel where he and a female associate hold a fake open casting call for a public service announcement (PSA) style video on feminism.

The purpose of the video was to have the actors cold-read some facts about common feminist talking points. The video covers everything from the gender pay wage gap to domestic violence.

Take a look:


Isn’t it funny how the more-than-likely actual feminist still couldn’t accept the truth after reading off all of those facts? She’s probably been believing lies for so long that the truth doesn’t seem relevant anymore.

For any of those concerned, the Fleccas Talks video provides legitimate sources in the description on YouTube for all of the points read out by the actors.

This isn’t the first time Fletcher and the Fleccas Talk YouTube channel did a video based on a fake casting call. About a month ago, Fleccas Talk did a fake casting call for another PSA-style video, this time concerning facts about illegal immigration. You can check that out here.

For rational-thinking people, facts are a representative of the truth. For others, facts are offensive talking points that aren’t worth talking about, because they don’t feed the feminist narrative.