Hillary Clinton Leaves Iowa to Hang Out with Rock Star

danjoseph | January 29, 2016
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What do you do when you are locked in an incredibly tight race with only days to go before the first votes are cast in your battle to secure the Democratic nomination? Why, go to Philadelphia and hang out with Jon Bon Jovi, of course!

Instead of campaigning in Iowa to gain last-minute momentum in her neck-and-neck race with Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), Clinton headed to the Keystone state for a fundraiser with the aging rock star, who Clinton described as a "good friend." 

If defense of leaving Iowa in the waning days of the campaign, Clinton said: 

 "I'll be in Iowa through the caucus. I went to Philadelphia for two things: Some of my supporters, including my good friend Jon Bon Jovi, had a fundraiser for me, and I had a long-standing meeting scheduled with fifty African American faith leaders from across our nation.”

While the idea that Hillary and Jon Bon Jovi are BFFs may be a bit hard to believe, the fact that Hillary feels that it's important to court African American leaders is not. Clinton is counting on African American voters (with whom she is very popular) to serve as a firewall against Sanders in the South and states with larger black populations than Iowa and New Hampshire. 

Jon Bon Jovi performed at the event, which is said to have raised $27,000 for Clinton's campaign.