Hillary Clinton Thinks GOP Is Using 'Coded Racial' Language to Describe Obama

Nick Kangadis | January 18, 2016
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(Image: Reuters)

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton says that the Republican presidential candidates have been using "derogatory, racial laguage" toward President Obama.

At a Democratic Party dinner in Charleston, S.C this past Saturday evening, Clinton stated, "Both Ted Cruz and Chris Christie called him [Obama] a child the other night. Too often we hear Republicans talking in coded, racial language about free stuff, takers and losers.”

Basically, Clinton is saying that the word "child" is a coded racial term. Really?

Clinton continued, "Instead of insulting our president, we should be thanking him for saving our economy and leading our country through some very dangerous times."

Clinton also talked about how she and the president are often linked.

"Now, I have noted that very often my name is linked to the president. Now, I personally consider that a great compliment."

Clinton insisted the problem with the Republicans is that they do not know all that she and President Obama have accomplished.

"So I sent them all a copy of my book 'Hard Choices.' I wrote each of them a letter, and I said, 'You know there are so many of you [that] you could have a book club.'"

Clinton also noted, "I have not gotten one thank-you note. I'll let you you know that right now."

We will give an update when those 'thank-you notes" begin pouring in.