Hillary Clinton Tried Politicizing the Las Vegas Shooting. Here's How That Worked Out.

Nick Kangadis | October 2, 2017
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Radical liberals and others on the far-Left took to Twitter Monday morning to not only send their condolences to those affected by the massive shooting in Las Vegas, but also to use the event as a way to climb on their soapbox and politicize the incident.

Among them was failed Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, who wasted no time in using the tragedy to her political advantage, tweeting:

In response, Twitter users took these opportunists to task for their division-filled rhetoric:




Victims in Las Vegas are still fighting for their lives, and Twitter users like "Mike" don't appreciate those who choose to use this incident as political fodder.

When it came to responses to Clinton's politicizing tweets, there wasn't exactly a shortage of examples. One Twitter user called out Clinton's lack of knowledge about silencers.


Another user pointed out that messaging, like Clinton's tweets, are the reason why she isn't sitting in the Oval Office.


Perhaps the most damning response came when one Twitter user pointed out Clinton's stunning silence when it comes to the gun violence in the liberal bastion of Chicago.


This next response speaks for itself.


Finally, here's an example of people calling out the hypocrisy of the lack of action by people like Clinton when it comes to tragedies that concern the U.S.


Leave it to ill-informed liberals like Clinton to never let a tragedy go to waste.

(Cover photo: Gage Skidmore)