Hillary Clinton's Going On a Book Tour, and You Won't Believe What the Tickets Cost

Brittany M. Hughes | August 29, 2017
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Tragically unable to let go from her embarrassing loss to President Donald Trump, failed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is busy prepping for her upcoming book tour, where she’ll reportedly discuss the “personal, raw, detailed and surprisingly funny story” of how she managed to lose the election to one of the most unlikely – and un-liked – candidates in history.

And you won’t believe how much she’s charging to hear her whine about it.

According to the Daily Mail, tickets to attend Clinton’s book tour are going for as high as $1,200 – well, in Canada, that is. Ponying up that pretty hefty price tag will score you a front-row seat to one of HRC’s three stops in the Great White North, which include Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver.

Americans, however, seem a bit less enthused about the former First Lady-turned-Secretary of State-turned-Not My President. If you're so inclined, you can hear Clinton’s woeful tale of her almost-victory in Broward, Florida for anywhere between $50 and $350.

Clinton will also be stopping by more than a dozen left-leaning cities including Chicago, New York, Boston, Seattle and Portland, though her tour schedule shows she’s not likely to pass through any red-leaning locales towing her world’s smallest violin. (Then again, she didn’t do that much during the election, either. Some lessons are hard to learn.)

Despite not being scheduled for release until Sept. 12, Clinton’s 512-page tome, entitled “What Happened,” currently sits at #4 on Amazon’s Best Seller list. But while the memoire has so far managed to beat out its competitors for the #1 political biography spot currently on the New Release shelf, if it’s anything like Hillary’s last book, those tour tickets are probably a bit overpriced.