Hold My Beer: Target Loses $9 BILLION In a Week After Customers Find 'Tuck-Friendly,' 'Gay Pride' Merch

Brittany M. Hughes | May 25, 2023
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Bud Light found out the hard way that shoving transgenderism in blue-collar Americans’ faces was a quick way to watch your stock tank, your sales bottom out, and your entire brand get dragged through the proverbial mud. Which should have been a cautionary tale to any major retailer looking to entice everyday customers through marketing campaigns featuring dudes in women’s underwear modeling the latest lach extensions.

But alas, the stupid runs deep.

After catching flak on social media from adults rightly concerned about its new “tuck-friendly” swimsuits for women with penises and “gay pride” anatomy-neutral onesies for kids and babies, Target reportedly cobbled together an “emergency meeting” of its retailers to shuffle its gross display of perversion to the back of some stores, where parents fed up with “woke” garbage might not see it. But that Hail Mary apparently hasn’t stopped the chain from losing $9 billion – billion, with a “b” – in stock value amid the uproar.

The New York Post reported Thursday:

A week ago Wednesday before the controversy erupted, Target’s stock closed at $160.96 a share, giving the big-box chain a market capitalization of $74.3 billion.

As of early trading on Thursday, however, shares of the company were trading off 1% at $141.76 — capping a weeklong tumble that has shrunk the "cheap chic" discount retailer’s value to $65.3 billion.

That amounts to a 12% drop that has shaved a whopping $9 billion off the company’s market capitalization.


If social media is any indication, parents with any amount of common sense and basic decency are fed up with the retailer - who last year got caught peddling chest binders for little boys who want to look like girls - constantly shoving trans propaganda on customers in their massive, store-front displays all summer long.

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Of course, it remains to be seen whether the retailer will face longterm consequences for peddling merch from trangender pro-Satan lunatics or encouraging little boys to stuff their privates into spandex leotards for their family’s summer beach trip. After all, people tend to have short memories and sometimes you just need to grab a gallon of milk and a pack of diapers. But if Target wants a free piece of advice, here's one: maybe the next time Bud Light goes and pisses off every loyal consumer who just wanted to buy a twelve-pack without having gender ideology shoved down their throats, don’t ask them to hold your beer.

After all, they’ve got plenty enough on their hands as it is.

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