Holy Bull, Batman: Rep. Hakeem Jeffries Says 'Republicans Don't Want the Children of America to Learn About the Holocaust'

Brittany M. Hughes | March 24, 2023
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Progressives will stop at nothing to keep indoctrinating America's youth with their perverse, radical agenda.- including, unsurprisingly, lying straight to your face about it.

While socialist darling AOC was busy slamming laws protecting parental rights in public schools as "fascist," Democrat Majority Leader Hakeem Jeffries spent his time on the House floor Thursday blasting Republicans for wanting to keep children from learning about the Holocaust.

Side note: they aren't. But that didn't stop Jeffries from making the false claim anyway, trying to paint a bill that would protect young children from being exposed to radical LGBTQ materials in the classroom as a tyrannical measure that would stop children from learning basic history.

"Extreme MAGA Republicans don't want the children of America to learn about the Holocaust," Jeffries said. 

I'm not sure who "extreme MAGA Republicans" are, here - to a leftist, that seems to mean just about anyone who doesn't learn their endless list of made-up pronouns or supports their trillion-dollar cow farting bills. But while Jeffries' allegation is about as clear as mud, what is true, and provably so, is that no current state bill or law prohibits children from being taught about Hitler's mass slaughter of millions of Jews and other politically inconvenient populations (which is an example of actual fascism, should AOC care to learn). Rather, parents rights bills like the one passed last year in Florida seek to ban graphic materials on gender and sexuality from being taught in public school classrooms, particularly in very early grades, and mandate that schools cannot secretly help a confused child "socially transition" between genders without parental knowledge and consent. 

Other bills targeting racist content including Critical Race Theory ban blatantly discriminatory curricula that teach things like the inherent victimhood of black students and the intrinsic evilness of being white. 

But leftists don't want you to know about that - after all, it interrupts their ability to go on brainwashing your children while you're left sitting in the dark, totally oblivious. And they can't have that. 

So they lie.