Holy Crap! Week: Drag Jesus, Drag Bunny & Drag Easter | Woke of the Weak

Tierin-Rose Mandelburg | April 4, 2023
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Welcome back to MRCTV's Woke of the Weak, the show where we hear directly from loopy lefties, unhinged hipsters and potty progressives.  

With Easter just around the corner, the loony left has come out in full force. One drag queen bunny addressed her audience as the “freaks” and then proceeded to dance around in a full on drag bunny suit and pass out candy to young kids.

Another drag bunny invited us all to a ball this weekend for more “gay chaos,” as he framed it. Apparently the ball will feature “a symposium ideas around Easter: Fabergé Resurrection, Spring rebirth” and more. EW!

We also saw a clip from a drag brunch last Easter where a queen didn't do enough to hide the eggs. (Good luck getting that image out of your head.) We also saw a few more drag queens getting ready for this year’s Easter event.

To top things off of for Holy Week, we saw a drag queen Jesus preach about “Praise & Slays.”

I guess the the theme of Jesus death and resurrection is out this year and drag queens, gay chaos, and open legs are in. Yikes! 


That’s what’s up this week in the woke world of the WEAK left! 

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