Hot Politico Exposé: Obama Party’s ‘Chilling Effect on DC Party Scene’

Alexa Coombs | August 20, 2021
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Afghanistan continues to be a mess and President Joe Biden has no plan to get Americans and our allies out safely, but Friday morning’s Politico Playbook got to what REALLY matters in DC: the party scene!

According to reporter Tara Palmeri, the backlash to former President Barack Obama’s 60th birthday in Martha’s Vineyard “is having a chilling effect on the D.C. party scene as (especially Democratic) pols and their staffers scramble to figure out when and where — or even if — they can party again.” The HORROR! Please, spare a moment of prayer for these, the true victims of the pandemic.

Gone are the days when the "sophisticated, vaccinated crowd" can have their cake and eat it, too:

“Who wants to throw a party right now when Obama hired a doctor to make sure everyone’s vaccinated and passes a Covid test and he still gets shamed for it?” said JOHN ARUNDEL, former associate publisher of Washington Life magazine and managing director of Perdicus Communications.

It’s those darn Republicans’ fault for pouncing:

“What we could do six weeks ago, we can’t do now,” said Democratic strategist ADRIENNE ELROD, the director of surrogate strategy for JOE BIDEN’s 2020 campaign. “We have to be so cognizant because Republicans are looking for any reason to call us hypocrites or to call us liars.”

Here's a tip: Stop BEING hypocrites and liars!

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For Congress members trying to navigate the social scene, the consensus seems to be that it “can’t be a party just for a party’s sake,” there must be “a greater cause to justify going.” Aside from charitable and social justice events, this means fundraisers are okay – especially out of town.

Apparently, after “talk among Democratic donors of canceling various money events in the Hamptons,” those “fundraisers have carried on without much of a peep” with incoming Gov. Kathy Hochul (D-NY) making the rounds there this weekend.

After all, “[o]ne House Democrat warned that the Democratic Party can’t get so caught up in the optics of gathering that they give Republicans an edge in fundraising and campaigning.”

“Optics?” I was under the impression that gatherings LITERALLY KILL PEOPLE!!11! Or maybe that’s only when Republicans are involved…

That same nameless House Dem reasonably added, “It doesn’t have to be all or nothing. You can adjust and be safe.” But since when are the rules of COVID restrictions reasonable? It’s been all or nothing the entire past 18 months. Either you completely lockdown or you’re killing people. You wear a mask or you want to kill grandma. You get vaccinated or you’re dooming the vulnerable to death.

That’s exactly why it’s so galling when the same Democrats who gave us these extreme ultimatums act like the rules don’t apply to them.

But it’s not only politicians affected. As Politico noted, “Some lobbyists are panicked” and (GASP!) “Journalists might suffer, too”!

Playing the world’s tiniest violin for the suffering DC elite who want the rest of us masked in our homes and stuck there while they go out and party. Alas, Obama ruined their fun with his big maskless party.

Thanks, Obama!

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