House Passes Leviathan $778B 'Defense' Bill – Includes Conscription For Women

P. Gardner Goldsmith | September 27, 2021
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Each year, the House and Senate hand a President the so-called “National Defense Authorization Act” (NDAA), which ostensibly funds US soldiers and their support chains deployed (sans any constitutional Declaration of War) across the planet.

Each year, the NDAA is filled with even more poison than the already nasty funding of American Empire that has seen Presidents call for drone strikes on innocent people, surveil people contrary to the Fourth Amendment, and indefinitely detain “enemies” without trial.

The 2016 NDAA included in it a noxious provision called the “Portman-Murphy Countering Propaganda Act” allowing the President to create an office in the Pentagon that showered nearly $150 million on dinosaur American news outlets friendly to the American regime, and now, Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and her slack-jawed lackeys have gone the proverbial extra mile, but including in this year’s NDAA (H.R. 4350) a provision to require women to sign up for military conscription.

Matt Welsh reports for Reason:

Thursday night, because Washington is no longer serious about rudimentary governance, the House of Representatives took what will likely be the decisive legislative step of expanding mandatory age-18 Selective Service registration to include women.

The details of this are important.

The House voted 316–113 on the ‘must-pass’ annual National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which at $778 billion this year gave President Joe Biden $24 billion more than he asked for. The up-or-down passage came after consideration of a series of amendments, from requiring congressional approval for troop deployment in Syria (which failed, 141–286), to allowing cannabis-related companies in legal-marijuana states to obtain banking services (which passed by voice vote).

Allowing us to point out, first, that the vast majority in the US Congress overtly and intentionally voted to not only increase the funding of US military efforts during a time when no war has been declared, they VOTED DOWN an amendment that would at least have required Congress to APPROVE any President’s attempt to deploy US soldiers in Syria. The fact that the Constitution – which CREATED the CONGRESS – requires a Declaration of War before the Commander-in-Chief could lead troops in War, and that War was a term the Founders understood to have ancient roots, separating civilians from state-signed soldiers, forbidding torture, and requiring civil treatment of prisoners, all of that already has been trashed, so the “Congressional approval” idea is a façade, but at least the Congress-cats could stand for the pretense of opposing Executive Empire and military adventurism.

Unbelievable. And in Syria, of all places, the very place where the US already has been deeply involved since 2012 in the attempt to overthrow the president of that nation, even as US “intel” forces try to steer the region away from Russian energy exports.

So, that’s bad enough. But, as Welsh explains.

Amazingly if not quite surprisingly, the effective doubling of the federal government's claim on the lives of American 18-year-olds was never submitted to a standalone vote on the House floor, because Democratic leadership refused to allow it. The Senate's version of the NDAA, which is expected to be voted on next month, already includes mandatory draft registration for women (18-25 yrs). So unless that changes in the amendment process, potential lady-conscription will be sitting on the desk of a willing Biden this fall.

How very apt. In their slimy move to capture the lives of millions of American women and send them into foreign lands – again, WITHOUT ANY DECLARATION OF WAR, AS MANDATED BY THE CONSTITUTION – the overlords in Congress wouldn’t even let the issue be separated from the bill to fund those already serving in the military.

And now, Biden can sign it all as one giant bill, an enormous middle finger to anyone with a sense of decency and constitutionalism.

Talk about shameful.


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