Hu? Nem?...Huh? More Made-Up Pronouns Join The Endless List

Brittany M. Hughes | August 23, 2022
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First, it was “he” and “her.” And, in a sane world, it still would be. But then along came “they” and “them” – “genderless” pronouns to describe persons who didn’t feel like a she or he. Which was weird.

But oh, how the weirdness goalpost has moved.

From "they/them" came a slew of made-up, nonsensical sounds now being masqueraded as "pronouns" by people who're more than happy to butcher language - and trample other people's free speech rights - in their desperate personal quest for attention. Meet some new other-gendered, non-gendered, and super-non-gendered folks who’ve come up with a whole new list of pronouns for you to learn and memorize.

“Hu/Hum.” Here’s a person – who appears to be biologically female but who the heck knows? – trying to explain using “hu/hum” pronouns for those who identify only as “human.”

“Per/Pers” For those who identify as “person,” but don’t like “hu/hum.”

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“Ne/Nem/Neir?” This person uses a “neo-pronoun.” What’s that, you ask? In her words, they’re “new words that fit us better.” Personally, I think the age-old term “weirdo” fit just fine.

Have fun remembering all that, friends. Because as soon as you do, we'll have some more to add to the list.