Hulk Hogan Wrestling With Jab Boosters Inspires Advice: How To Avoid COVID Cancellation

P. Gardner Goldsmith | January 19, 2022
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On January 11, Newsweek’s Emma Nolan reported that the professional wrestler, actor, and philanthropist Hulk Hogan (real name, Terry Gene Bollea) responded to a recent Facebook post about the deaths of actress Betty White and comedian Bob Saget by expressing his belief that the causes had been their injections with one of the mRNA COVID19 jabs, and he added actor Sidney Portier to the list.

Writes Nolan:

YouTuber Josh Pray shared a video on Facebook mourning the late Full House star (Saget), but many commenters left posts suggesting that his death was caused by the coronavirus vaccine (sic).

One person wrote: ‘Wellll many directions we can go with this, but I will take jab for $500 Alex.

Hogan's comment read: ‘100 percent Betty and Sidney were also jabed (sic) their (sic) dropping like flies but they'll never say it.’

Soon thereafter, observes Nolan, Hogan deleted that commentary.

So, what is one to make of this? Did Hogan bow to jab-woke pressure? Did he simply realize that he didn’t have enough evidence to support his conversational claim?

One can’t be sure, unless one gets to hear it from the man, himself.

But, in the past, Hogan has been very vocal about questioning the mRNA vaccine.

As the Tampa Bay Times reported in 2020, Hogan posted a response to the COVID-inspired government lockdowns where he invoked the name, Jesus Christ.

'Maybe we don’t need a vaccine,' Hogan wrote. “Maybe we need to take this time of isolation from the distractions of the world and have a personal revival where we focus on the ONLY thing in the world that really matters. Jesus.'

Woah. That’s some dangerous thinking – thinking that Hogan has not recanted, so it seems likely that his concern about the jabs remains, despite him removing the recent post containing his speculation about the specific celebrity deaths.

Indeed, without fully denouncing his earlier statement, Hogan still stands the chance of being ostracized by pop media leftists.



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So, the Hulkster may be beyond help. But, as a service to gelded cosmopolitans who still want to get their pieces and videos seen on the censorious leviathan platforms and pop networks, let's offer them some tips:

First, those really interested in kowtowing to the pop media and Big Tech collectivists must dismiss as crazy the notion that the mRNA injection is not really a traditional vaccine. Do not question that.

Second, if they want to stay on these platforms, they must dismiss as insane, ignorant, or intentionally misleading, Hogan’s implication that these gene-vector jabs – SORRY, I mean vaccines – might in any way have negative side-effects like myocarditis, thrombosis, reverse-transcriptase DNA pollution, blood clots, problems within the vascular endothelium (associated with hypertension), nerve-damage, menstrual cycle complication, or other potential problems.

If they want to remain a good sheep in the corporatist-government corral, they should dismiss as Hulka-maniacal the very notion that the US government has possibly inflated COVID19 stats

And, if one wants to stay on a Big Tech site, it’s important to recognize as false any claim that, according to the British Medical Journal, the World Health Organization has repeatedly altered and never truly defined the word “pandemic.”

Of course, remember, it’s simply obtuse to think that Anthony Fauci might not have been honest with us about masks and the efficacy of jabs to stop COVID19 transmission or reduce symptoms.

Remember, also, that discussion of possible links between the creation of some of these vaccines and abortion is verboten.

After all, in order to stay on a Big Tech site, or to be featured as a celeb in pop media, one has to understand that truth and reality are decided by those in power.

Sure, Hulk Hogan might recognize right, wrong and morality as based on God’s Natural Laws, and it seems as if he STILL doesn’t agree with the Establishment.

But in the wrestling ring of the materialist realm, who are you gonna believe, a guy who still appears to think for himself, and has implored others to do the same, or the tax-funded bureaucrats and their desperate sycophants?

If you want to stay on Big Tech social media and video channels, you know what to say.

And don’t ever use sarcasm or irony to make a point.

One more thing…

I tried to upload a video on YouTube containing most of this information, in this sarcastic form. It was an unlisted video that became a test of their censorship versus the freedom of sites like Rumble.

YouTube flagged the video and removed it, despite no one seeing it.

That’s what their mentality is like, so perhaps this advice really will be helpful for the weak-kneed who want to grovel to the censorious Google Gang.

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