‘Hunt’ Is On After Cocaine Found At White House

Eric Scheiner | July 5, 2023
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If you ever thought the Biden administration was probably high when making decisions, there’s now more evidence to back your suspicions.

A white powder was found at the White House on Sunday, prompting an investigation by the U.S. Secret Service. All early indications are that it was cocaine found in a small baggie.

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As the investigation continues as to who may have brought the substance into the White House, many social media sleuths have made the deduction that it’s Hunter Biden. It must be noted for legal reasons that just because someone admitted to going on his “hands and knees picking through rugs” looking for granular substances to consume and mistook Parmesan cheese for cocaine - doesn't mean they brought cocaine into the White House.



The internet has been reaching it's own conclusions, many with references to the 2023 movie ‘Cocaine Bear', see below: