Hunter Biden Filmmaker: 'Media Are Trying To Black Out Our Movie'

Eric Scheiner | April 13, 2021

Hunter Biden’s wild life and corrupt business dealings are slated to get the Hollywood treatment in the newly announced feature film “My Son Hunter.”  

The husband and wife filmmaking team, Ann McElhinney and Phelim McAleer are currently working to crowdfund the movie but say the leftist media isn’t helping them to get the word out on the project.

“The media are trying to blackout our movie,” McAleer told MRCTV. “The left did the Comey Report they are going to do a series about the Capitol riots – and these are big budget – I mean the left spent $40 million on a mini-series about a conspiracy theory with Russian collusion and another $40 million promoting it. But they didn’t do anything on the FBI plot to undermine the president. I mean this should be the ultimate Hollywood story. It’s got exotic locations, it’s got high-stakes politics, it’s got international politics, it’s got degeneracy, it’s got a happy ending, whatever you want – it’s got everything.” McAleer said.

McAleer says that while the media may have not have liked the topic of his film “Gosnell” (about the crimes and trial of abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell) they covered the effort to make the film. He says that is not the case for “My Son Hunter.”

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“When we did Gosnell, at least the mainstream media would acknowledge that it existed somewhat. Now, Kickstarter wouldn't let us raise money on their on their fundraising site. But now, they're trying to just pretend this movie doesn't exist, like Hollywood Reporter hasn't done anything about it. Variety hasn't done anything about it, New York Times hasn't done anything about it. And this is a movie being funded by the people about the president's son and the president, exposing their corruption,” McAleer says.

McAleer says the media doesn’t want this story to be told, but people can help make sure the story gets told by helping out in the crowdfunding effort and visiting the “My Son Hunter” website.