'Hurricane Cowboys' Are Saving Farm Animals Stranded By Florence

Alex Hall | September 28, 2018
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Patrick McKann, a local Virginian and former bull/rodeo rider is leading a group of "Hurricane Cowboys" rescuing farm animals displaced by Hurricane Florence, just like he did in Texas after last year's Hurricane Harvey.

According to UPI, "McKann and his team are helping animals in Conway, S.C. In previous days, it also offered help in Pender County, N.C. Horses, donkeys, dogs and cats and chickens have been rescued."

"Everybody is good with cats and dogs, and we'll help them too. But we deal with large livestock -- horses, cattle, pigs," McKann said. "There's a lot to do in South Carolina."

McKann said he hopes to grow his operation so his team can help during the next major disaster. The Hurricane Cowboys have notably set up a a GoFundMe page with a $10,000 goal to assist in relief efforts.

In an era as politically divided as today, when citizens find it hard to see common ground or describe a coherent idea of what our nation is about, these Hurricane Cowboys present an iconic view of distinctly American heroism in all its rugged glory.

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