Hypocrite Climate Cultists At COP27 Meeting Enjoy Air-Conditioned Desert Conference

P. Gardner Goldsmith | November 13, 2022
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As if the dyspeptic display of eternally irritable Climate Cultists arriving in PRIVATE JETS for the 27th Conference of the Parties (COP27) in lovely Sharm El-Sheik, Egypt, weren’t enough of an in-your-face display of hypocrisy, soon after the globalist/internationalist/UN/fraudsters started their week-long ritual of false narratives, manipulated stats, fear-mongering, plans to restrict our liberty, to manipulate what should be a free market across the globe, and to take our cash, it became clear that these “concerned” doomsayers and repeatedly wrong prognosticators made sure to offer us another proverbial middle finger.

These folks -- who welcomed Barack Obama’s 2013 conceited statement that if poor people in Africa raised their living standards to have nice, life-saving things like air-conditioning, the “planet will boil over” – are making sure that their giant complex of hotels, dining areas, media rooms, and meeting rooms are comfortably air-conditioned.

Peter Caddle reports for Breitbart that as folks in some of their home countries wonder how they’ll be able to heat or cool their homes thanks to Climate Cult restrictions on cheap fossil fuel imports and, in some cases, politicians imposing insane thermostat controls on homes and offices, these busybodies simply seem incapable of following their own rules:

“The energy use of temperature control technology has been a hot topic in Europe in recent months, with authorities in the likes of Italy and Germany having implemented various rationing measures on how much certain buildings can be heated or cooled over gas shortage fears. However, while others have also pushed such rationing with reference to climate change, no such restrictions appear to be in place in Egypt, with German publication Bild reporting that attendees of COP27 are being kept quite cool by air conditioning at the conference.”

Warms the heart.

But this is nothing new. Last year, the attendees of COP 26, which took place in sadly censorious Scotland, flew in on private jets and then had the gall to parade around Glasgow in “electric vehicles” that, behind the scenes, most of them were powering with Diesel-run generators.

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Caddle notes that the Climate Cult push to “decarbonize” in Germany, combined with its citizen-hurting blocks of Russian fuel have led to an energy shortage that is so extreme:

“Even tap water in public buildings used for washing hands will no longer be allowed to be heated using a boiler over the winter months, while contract clauses legally mandating that landlords heat their buildings to a certain minimum for the sake of their tenants have also been suspended.”

Meanwhile, numerous German “leaders” attend COP 27, and they have the audacity to complain that THEY are being monitored and surveilled by, they claim, the Egyptian government!

Will they look at any moderately reflective surface, wipe off the air-conditioned condensation, and see their own hypocrisy on that issue, as well? Will they recognize that, even as they claim the power to monitor Germans for their energy use and punish them if they dare wash their hands with warm water, they, themselves, are upset that agents of the Egyptian state might be monitoring them for other reasons?

Amazing. And it’s all coming from the neo-pagans who (backed by Pope Francis, who seems to possess a limitless supply of hypocrisy and anti-Catholic rhetoric) are not only welcoming of King Charles’ goofy earth-worship-central-control rewrite of the Magna Carta (called the “Terra Carta”), but who also display the unctuousness to push for a new “Ten Commandments for Climate Change”.

Perhaps now, as they go full-on-hypocrite -- full-on-religious -- for their truth-lacking, deceptive, “Anthropogenic Climate Change” chicanery… Yes, perhaps now, many more people will see the Cult for the dangerous group of collectivist charlatans it is.

Of course, that might require people to use energy, which is in short supply thanks to many of those same politicians and bureaucrats – and will become more dear and more expensive if they get their carbon-taxing, energy-monitoring, neo-feudal way.

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