I Love You, Baby Killer: Ohio State Students Give Valentines To Abortion Doctors

Gabriel Hays | February 7, 2022
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You know what’s a sign of a healthy and robust culture? Sending Valentines to abortion providers on Valentine’s Day because people love them so much. Well at least the lefties at Ohio State University do.

FoxNews.com reported that “several” Ohio State University departments are hosting a “sex week” on campus to celebrate the beautiful gift of human sexuality given to us by God that is fulfilled through the lifelong marriage of a man and a woman primarily for the sake of raising new, precious lives in service of the Creator. 

Just kidding. This is a secular institution in woke America. This Sex week is about promoting the opposite of holy, healthy traditional marriage. It’s about promoting license for whatever sexual behavior you want do and advocating for the procedure that does away with the consequences of promiscuous behavior, namely Abortion. 

If you think I’m being extreme, one of the activities of this “Sex Week” is “Valentine's for Abortion Providers.”  Oh wow. This event will allow students at the university to “help thank abortion providers in Ohio and Texas for the valuable work they do for reproductive rights!” so said the official OSU Sex Week itinerary

Amazing. How depraved is it that people are sending gifts symbolizing romantic affection to the people who destroy human children for a living? I might as well say I have a crush on a death row inmate because I love the way he disposed of the people he killed.

This is definitely as or even more macabre than those “shout your abortion” types. What? Will they also be handing out those candy hearts that spell out messages on them, such as “Kill My Clump of Cells,” or “Be My Baby’s Killer?” Oh how romantic!

President of Student Advocates for Sexual Health Awareness, Sky Hart, told Fox News that she’s putting on this event because abortion providers “deserve appreciation.” Um, no they don’t. They deserve to lose their occupation and directions to the nearest confessional.

Still, in her warped mind, she said she believes that “it is important to appreciate the family planning providers that are able to provide essential healthcare for our communities. Our organization emphasizes the constitutional right to a safe abortion.” Ah yes, nothing screams “I love you” like the abortion using his vacuum to dismember the body of your first born child.

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This is nutty, even for libs. You would think that any person, even pro-abort would feel some shame and discomfort over having to visit one of these “doctors.” But no, we have to make them cards and give them flowers and chocolates so that it can at least help them pretend abortionists are doing something they can appreciate. 

Hart mentioned that the cards will then be mailed to abortion providers. Gross. 

Students for Life President Kristan Hawkins derided the event, calling it a “great disservice to students.” She also added that events like this neglect to admit that they can’t “protect emotionally vulnerable students from a broken heart when they follow the false pitch that all consequences — babies included — can be ignored.”

Yep. All they’re doing is selling impressionable young women on broken dreams and dead babies. It’s disgusting.