Idaho Gov. Signs ‘Abortion Trafficking’ Ban

Tierin-Rose Mandelburg | April 6, 2023
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Idaho Governor Brad Little just signed a bill that makes it illegal for an adult to help a minor get an abortion without parental consent. The bill is known as the “Abortion Trafficking” ban.

At its core the bill makes it a crime for adults to obtain abortion pills and give them to a minor. The bill states that it is illegal for adults to be “recruiting, harboring or transporting the pregnant minor” without the consent of the minor's parent or guardian. 

The “Abortion Trafficking” part of the bill criminalizes bring minors to other states where abortions are legal to obtain the procedure. 

Lawbreakers would be sentenced to two to five years in prison and could be sued by the parents of the minor (though parents who impregnated their own children through rape will not be eligible to sue the “trafficker.”)

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While it isn’t entirely a pro-life law, it is a step in the right direction.

Idaho presently bans abortion after six-weeks gestation and penalizes anyone who helps people obtain abortions (at any age). This new bill is an even stricter regulation that would help women and children across the state. 

The usual pro-aborts and lefties were angry. Mind you, this announcement came right after he signed a bill banning “gender affirming care” for “trans kids.” I say that in quotes because that’s what the left calls it … realistically its the slew of permanent, life altering procedures and medications that adults allow children to take in order to affirm a delusion.

Actually Ed, laws like this teach girls that they shouldn’t put themselves through life threatening procedures and teaches them that life is sacred.

Here’s the bottom line: every child has value that is not dependent on the age of his or her mother or how he or she was conceived. This bill helps point that out and will hopefully limit the number of abortions in Idaho. 

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