Identity Obsessed Canadian Prof. Says 'Not Masking is Racist, Ableist & Classist'

Nick Kangadis | March 2, 2023
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Some people are just plain stupid, and in this case those people consist of one identity-based Canadian professor.

This “genius,” who has since locked their Twitter account because she can’t handle people telling her the truth about her level, or lack of, intelligence, said that “Not masking is racist, ableist & classist.”

That’s why “Dr.” Amy Tan, medicine professor at the University of British Columbia, looks to be in the running for a Dumbass of the Week award somewhere.

According to Rebel News, Tan previously posted a blog post that describes everything you need to know about her as a professional victim. (For screenshots of tweets from the locked account, go to either the Rebel News or True North links provided.)

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“In one of her blog posts, Dr. Amy Tan said that ‘as a Chinese, heterosexual, settler of colour, second-generation Canadian, cis-gender female with more than one disability, I want to use my privilege and be part of the solution,” as True North reported.

At least she said one intelligent thing throughout that whole word salad — that she has “privilege.” And she’s exactly right. People who aren’t victims don’t have the perceived privilege that professional victims say they have, but instead the professional victims have all the power of privilege themselves.

When she made her comment about not wearing masks, Tan was apparently replying to tweets from some other “brilliant” person who said that “not wearing masks was racist because ‘BIPOC are the worst impacted in this pandemic.’”

For those playing the home game, BIPOC refers to “black, indigenous and people of color.”

Essentially, everything that doesn’t go a professional victim’s way is now racist…or sexist…or phobic of some kind. Just treat their claims like one would “The Boy Who Cried Wolf.”


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