'Imagine the Horror': COVID-Addicted Leftists Freak Out After Airlines Drop Mask Rules

Brittany M. Hughes | April 19, 2022
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The masses no longer have to wear face masks on planes – and left-wing COVID addicts aren’t happy about it.

Shortly after a judge struck down the Biden administration’s mask mandate for air travel, airlines across the country one-by-one began announcing – some mid-flight – that facemasks for passengers were now “optional,” ending more than two years of compulsory face diapering in the skies. Social media immediately lit up with videos of pilots announcing to the cabin that they were free to remove their masks and breathe the clear air, with passengers applauding and cheering their new freedom.

But some on social media weren’t so thrilled that they may have to sit next to someone who’s not being forced to wear a face diaper to prolong the illusion of an ongoing deadly pandemic. Leftist Twitter exploded with angry tweets from people who had voluntary boarded (some along with their unvaccinated or immune-compromised children) an airplane in which people could already de-mask when eating or drinking, most wearing cloth masks already proven ineffective at stopping the omicron variant, and yet who still seemed convinced that their risk was directly tied to the stranger they willingly agreed to sit next to when they bought their ticket.

Here's a thought: if, when a pilot announces the end of mandatory masking, the plane erupts in cheers and 90% of the cabin takes off their face coverings, and you're sitting there angrily tweeting about how "vulnerable" you feel? The problem isn't everyone else. It's you.

And if you're truly that scared, stay home.