Incoming Iranian President to Seek End to 'Tyrannical' U.S. Sanctions

Libby | August 3, 2021
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Ebrahim Raisi, Iran’s incoming president, said on Tuesday that he will move towards removing the United States’ “tyrannical” sanctions on the world’s number one sponsor of terrorism.

“We will seek to lift the tyrannical sanctions imposed by America,” Raisi said after winning the formal support of Iran’s Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, according to Reuters.

The “Supreme Leader” Khamenei — who has to put his stamp on anything concerning state matters — endorsed Raisi in a speech given by his chief of staff.

“I task the wise, indefatigable, experienced and popular ... Raisi as president of Iran,” Khamenei’s endorsement read.

Raisi was elected to replace Hassan Rouhani back in June, though he will just be taking office later this week.

Former President Donald Trump reimposed sanctions on the country in 2018 after pulling out of the 2015 nuclear deal, which Iran and six major powers have talked about reviving.

These sanctions have reportedly squeezed Iran’s oil revenue and economically hurt the nation, to which Raisi has committed to improving.

Not only is the country under sanctions, the new president is personally under U.S. sanctions due to his alleged role in 1988 executions of thousands of political prisoners and the “violent suppression of unrest in 2009,” CNBC reported in June.

Some view Raisi’s upcoming presidency with concern — especially in light of the past allegations — that he may resort to repressing dissidents in the country.